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tv   Headline News  RT  February 12, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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the u.n. security council strongly condemned north korea's most powerful nuclear test threatening more sanctions against pyongyang. iran may allow access to a military complex which is the suspected site of nuclear experiments that's ahead of another round of talks with the u.n. atomic watchdog. and a black bloc rising egypt's opposition becomes increasingly radical with a mass movement attracting support our team has granted exclusive access to members of the secretive group. from the new center here in moscow this is r.t. with the online on screen twenty four hours a day. the u.n. security council has issued a stern rebuke to north korea over its third nuclear test as it held an emergency
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meeting in response to the test which was in defiance of international regulations the organization says it plans to beef up the sanctions already in place for the country's previous atomic exercises. has more. well the u.n. security council unanimously condemned north korea's latest nuclear test there called it a defiant act and a clear threat to international peace and security her statement approved at an emergency meeting hours after being on yang's latest underground test called the atomic blast a grave violation of three un resolutions of banning north korea from conducting nuclear or missile tests now the council also pledged further action calling peelings latest defiant a clear threat to international peace the security council also strengthen sanctions in response to. a missile test back in december and they promised the council members promised to take significant action in the event of this new
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nuclear test now while there was a unanimous unanimous sentiment within the security council in the midst of this emergency meeting some members like china and russia said that the international community should tread carefully russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said that no country or the international community should not jump to quick conclusions or actions but i would like to stress that north korea's nuclear test deserves condemnations we hold the will not be used as a pretext to build up a military presence around the korean peninsula we believe that flexing military muscles in the region is extremely dangerous now u.s. president barack obama also warned that both tuesday's tests and earlier satellite launches are provocations according to the u.s. president and he threatened further swift and credible action against pyongyang u.n. chief john ki-moon also condemned the nuclear test calling it deplorable the test
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was also criticized by many others including britain japan france the e.u. the i.a.e.a. and made a north korean diplomat john young wrong also told the u.n. disarmament forum in geneva recently that his country quote will never bow down to any. solution and that was in response to criticism that nuclear tests violated several u.n. security resolution now pyongyang has also said that if the u.s. response to that test with hostility then unspecified quote second and third measures may follow it seems as though if you just based on the patterns that are taking place that north korea is not backing down despite any threat of resolutions or sanctions so the u.n. security council condemning that north korean nuclear exercise with pyongyang now facing the threat of further isolation director of global studies in hong kong going to. beijing join the worldwide criticism of the test they are likely to stand
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by the secretive state in the face of serious sanctions. in this region because you know stability is the major. activities in japan and south korea. north korea to be understood so it's not going to. take all the interest of beijing and these kind of. still be tolerated by beijing at this moment. just being installed and because. it's. right as collusion to truth ability so it. would also make good. to move campaign and then they could be
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a competition among all of us in the region. there with the latest on north korea's nuclear test and we got a live timeline to keep you up to date on all the latest reactions and developments on that issue. dot com. iran has also condemned the north korean nuclear test calling for all atomic weapons to be destroyed to tehran itself has revealed it's producing stocks of material that has the potential of becoming weaponized another round of talks just around the corner but a breakthrough may not come quick enough for some rain into a seeing their health care hit by international sanctions a report on that for you just ahead on r.t. .
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is. egypt's opposition is turning more radical as protests become increasingly violent and the movement of last men calling themselves the black bloc is attracting more supporters it's threatening is mr thorold's and sparking fears of a possible all out street war both true and current tells us about the group which is given r.t. exclusive access. this mysterious group appeared around the second anniversary of generosity five evolution when they released this statement saying they would fight the mizzen brotherhood and they would strive for the goals of revolution around
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about that time we started seeing a young man in black bought a car this according themselves said the black bloc and they were heading up the more minutes and signs of the revolution we saw them making molotov said on my facebook pages they were giving instructions to the street fighting it taking responsibility for a number of the acts of civil disobedience such as stopping public transport and also have said they were responsible for the burning of muslim brotherhood headquarters of some of them this of course has sparked much criticism from the authorities including the missing brotherhood and that the t.v. channels the prosecutor general intention of january i said they were terrorists carry on that they would be arrested if they were caught red handed our team managed to secure interviews with this members of the secret organization. the black bloc is an idea that came about as a reaction to the negligence of our peaceful demands and also as a reaction against the oppression of the interior ministry which receives orders from the regime we stand against the oppressive and tyrant regime we call upon the
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interior ministry to deliver justice for those who have been killed and we will continue our demands until they are met our actions are in self-defense we are protecting ourselves but have never attacked anyone we will always be present in egypt even after or demands are met however we will take on a different form the aim behind our presence is to prevent injustice in any form no one listens to our demands and the proof is the number of people who are being killed but of course we had so much as a team on this stepping down of the ouster of hosni mubarak this of course devolved into clashes by the presidential palace much take us was throwing up protest as he responded with molotov the similar protests occurred around the country down south in the seats and now we have reports including egypt's second city in alexandria although. the focus of the class was definitely as is most weeks by the presidential palace and an indication that protesters attending to more violent means to push the regime to fulfill their demands will true there and under the new
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egyptian constitution the black bloc is considered a violent group political activists are committed aggrieved says there's a reason for the opposition to be so desperate. they stand for a just cause and they're trying to portray themselves as a vigilante but the true anger behind it's the frustration from the lack of social justice the lack of fulfillment of the demands of the revolution so it's a true anger among certain groups of youth but then their frustrations in violence so that this could turn to peacefulness of the egyptian revolution which was which resonated all around the world with a lot of positive connotations the first reactions from the muslim brotherhood is that they will create something called the white law in order to respond to that pressure from the black bloc now both of them will be deemed. illegal groups
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if that happens but i'm not concerned about the violence being organized among different starters of the society however how it's being employed on the streets to falsify the collective perception of people through media the situation that egypt is becoming a lawless state and it's becoming a failed state both on the economic level and the security level egyptians by nature are not violent and these are tactics being employed so that egyptians grow desperate all the time with all the crises economic crises and all sorts of protests all around the country sort of egypt. collectively people start thinking that the muslim brotherhood is doing a lousy job which more or less they are doing a lousy job however it's to push people to beg the military council for a cool so that they can kick out the muslim brotherhood to justify the military overtake of the government. still ahead this hour he went back to work.
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at the british government's program to. discuss what's wrong with the u.k. tackling the problem. with little space for some crucial issues president obama prepares his state of the union address focusing on the prosperity of the average american. that's one. coming away a little later in the program. is trash to get rid of. but it's also a treasure. worth fighting for. and
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a trap with no way out. these continue to reality british government policies to tackle unemployment are
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taking a hammering with a court ruling that a planned forced labor program was unlawful and it looks like taxpayers will be left to foot the bill for mistakes made by m.p.'s on the surface takes a look at the u.k.'s shaking work their system. university graduate kate riley and forty year old jamison wilson succeeded in their claims that their unpaid work scheme that they were made to take part in was indeed a lot for them but it was taking place in the court of appeal today and the argument was that the surrounding issues will legally flawed so they were successful and a small but significant victory now the law is that that ruling say it could mean that thousands of people who have their benefits stripped from the under similar circumstances in this government work program could reclaim that money that could leave the door open to the millions of pounds compensation that would be footed by
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the taxpayer of course that's causing a lot of concern that the d.w.p. is saying that they are not going to be coughing up any cash whatsoever in our teeth on its own investigation into the work program it's been hugely controversial program a lot of problems in response to what's the government has said that it was read to suggest that there were any problems with the work program and that it wasn't helping people get back into work but look this is being quite embarrassing for the government today not speak to us more about this i'm joined by amery o'reilly for the political work there program thank you very much for joining us a small victory do you think that far enough because on the surface of it it seems like a big deal and a win the obviously the people involved in that but is this going to be as hard hitting as far reaching well today's ruling is really significant for us it shows that workfare forced on paid work in the u.k. isn't just wrong it's also been unlawful sat means every single person who's been
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sent on these schemes in the last two years was sent on them unlawfully and the tens of thousands of people who faced really extreme hardship and possible destitution by having their money stopped as a result of not participating may well. be entitled to claim that money back but you're right it doesn't go far enough the still a lot to be done when of this my significant schemes mandatory where tactility is still intact and really disturbingly the government threatening to bring emergency regulations through to bring workfare straight back in this when just today the schemes are found illegal when they've been riddled with corruption allegations from the start and the government's own research shows that has no effect on helping people find work you know there are millions of people unemployed here in the end of course the imperative is getting them back to work i don't think anyone suggesting that these people shouldn't be put back to work but i think it's the rhetoric that's surrounding it and indeed the figures as we said r.t. did their own investigation and the figures just do not add up the percentage of
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people who are actually getting jokesters in this program were incredibly full of but it was worse than doing nothing it's also really the figure is quite shocking but you're right this is a fair assertion and one that was put out as an incomplete but was there it's hugely controversial loads of criticism about these government work schemes but they all schemes that are in place in the governor's quite right getting people back into jobs are they not unemployment in the u.k. the moment is a huge huge issue but the government nice that these schemes don't work its own research shows they have zero effect on helping people find work possibly worse and doing nothing at all. instead of helping create jobs what they're doing is replacing paid work but handing big business like. tesco poundland hundreds of thousands of hours of unpaid work effectively replacing jobs that would exist if these schemes were and place not only that the government is using these schemes to massage the unemployment figures because when people are forced to work
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without pay on these schemes they can't count them as having a job a very strange definition of having a job with not a single person is receiving a wage for them because one graduate who is on that work program certainly a small but significant victory and it's the lawyers for that case said today it certainly means that the government now has to go back to the drawing board when it comes to their work schemes. iran said it may allow inspectors from the u.n. nuclear watchdog access to a military complex suspected of hosting atomic research with iran has always denied the parchin site is a nuclear facility the i.a.e.a. inspectors will arrive in iran for a new round of talks on wednesday in another moving to easing the tension over its nuclear ambitions tehran said it is converting enrich uranium into reactor fuel and that will slow the buildup of material which could potentially be used to make nuclear weapons well it's discussed this now with matthew mcallester he's a research fellow in nuclear security at queen mary university in london matthew
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iran has resumed as i just said converting some of its enriched uranium in into fuel proving it to be for peaceful purposes do you think that this gesture will ease tensions in any way over its suspected nuclear weapons program. first of all yes it is a very good piece of information that we've just received. certainly a piece of information to international society was looking for. it is important to remember that it on. its. almost hard. and rich are you reading in great numbers and rich just below twenty percent are two new reactor fuel. that is non unreachable. can be. can still potentially use. in richmond but this poses a very difficult because of the very good of these that information it's true that
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indeed by the report. we're expecting up one to this month so you're a nuclear security expert on what you just said is iran really posing a threat. is that on posing as a threat because it's a question that in our group is really a matter over the past twenty years and once again question is. still we can next. certain aspects of concrete program are questionable concerns have been raised. but is there really. is a really dangerous we don't know if the what a good sign is with us but definitely not and also not that's not a good sign matthew not a good sign you can we say we don't know we talked about this this idea of the. being turned into fuel which could be for peaceful purposes also what about this other move that it's it's now allowing inspectors to go to its march and military site which was of course suspected as a nuclear development facility so again is that another way of iran saying look we
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have nothing to hide. indeed this is a very this is a very important information and again should it because it's part of. the military and our current international call structure it's the international society has no access to that site unless allowed by the iranian regime. that trust building exercise. if the international society and the. inspectors are allowed in this is definitely going to hear very good sign from it on or to the international society it has to be mentioned that. this would not be the first time i would go into power to. the i.a.e.a. board if i'm not mistaken belief times and i have not found any but still concerned he raised it on that has not yet replied to questions posed to them so they provide
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a positive context for tomorrow's talks in the upcoming six party talks that are unlikely perhaps to bring any sort of breakthrough. it definitely is it's a very awkward mention it's a very good piece of information something that we definitely have been looking forward to but one thing has to be mentioned in order to end. standing down by their new regime one has to remember that there is a great story on one hand and action on the other if this retort is met by action by the end of this month or. the near future then this is definitely going to be a very good trustable example could that be empty rhetoric when we've seen iran saying that it's joining the international condemnation of what's happening in north korea at the moment is actually call for an end to nuclear arms we surprised by that reaction coming. i wasn't surprised because not all of. the. press secretary of the ministry. mentioned this was certainly not surprising to me
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our talks started one also has to remember there was also a statement today from the foreign minister that on. this i'm he definitely. recognize that in his words north korea not being a member of the n.p.t. was in full right to exercise their rights to test a nuclear. technology and. we could talk more about north korea but of course we're talking really about the moment what's happening in iran a lot of talk and aggressive talk from israel indeed. from the u.s. is well we don't know what obama's going to say in today's speech concerning iran but do you think there is a chance now that tensions could be easing and there's going to be less talk of any chance of a military strike that many analysts are talking about i mean that's i mean. there is a chance of some sort of a deal this will just lead to on the a what kind of proposals the international
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society will make. kind of what kind of proposal will come from that hollande one thing many analysts tend to agree on is that in order to in order to stop the whole crisis that you bring in crisis there is a need for direct during. american colts this is something that we. don't see at all and in fact the supreme leader. hamann and mentioned that there will be no talks with the u.s. unless all sanctions are dropped. president ahmadinejad but. president ahmadinejad's remarks have to be taken with a bit of caution. for those who watch it on very closely you know part of the nothing has been sort of
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a lame duck president for the past one year just briefly from a nuclear security expert a bomb is going to handsful now and what we're seeing in north korea and of course for those tensions ongoing with with iran when he first became president he wanted a nuclear free world it seems to be that the situation got far worse than when he first started. yes indeed and some of the commentators today also mentioned that this. so-called strengthened by north korea will also indicate it on. the ability to act without. international society obviously we need to wait for the after all reaction of the international society. in remarks made today. in fact to have some sort of. corporations with more freedoms and borders but obviously there is for the moment no information
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whatsoever to do substantial doubt difficult final question but is the world a safer place though in terms of nuclear threats yes or no. i would say at the moment matthew very interesting to talk to you thanks so much your time matthew mccaskey joining us live there in london thank you very much indeed thank you. well despite the concerns of israel the u.s. and its western allies iran denies it's developing atomic arms under the cover of a civilian nuclear program meanwhile the international sanctions are hitting the lines of every day ring in need of medicine. as found out. behind this smile lies pain and despair a bass and they run in with blood a cancer has just received his medicine but there is no guarantee he'll get it tomorrow the best jokes about patients being patient but sadly has no choice. it's so hard to get treatment these days it's not that i don't get any at all but you have to wait a long time and if you get it that only means someone else has missed. the reason
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for the drug shortage sanctions imposed by western countries and baseline equip probably they're not directly targeting the pharmaceutical or medical sectors but they hate banks and oppose trade restrictions. unfortunately many foreign companies stopped selling us drugs they're not allowed to have creme brulee with the rent and people predict price with their lives. iran's officials warn it may have an impact far beyond its borders. if we have a disease of the demick and are unable to vaccinate the population it could spread easily to neighboring countries and affect to many even outside iraq. iran produces ninety six percent of its own medicine but the roma to rose for half of them come from abroad more than fifty vital medicines have disappeared from the running
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conversation and international sanctions came in because the foreign in britain c m a from can no longer make their way into iran people with cancer and team ophelia wait often ended with bad news but the drug is not available the chances of survival are getting ever slimmer as sanctions heat patients instead of politicians officials estimate a total of six million iranian patients could be in danger because of the drug deficit in the van by local and international media reported on the first death apparently caused by the shortage a fifteen year old boy who suffers from him ophelia couldn't get the medicine he desperately needed despite a frantic search by his family and he died in hospital on. the west try to do now they tried sanctions on the military sector they realized we actually started making progress there but they wanted to weaken destabilize the country and the government is their aim this is why they now target people so that
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people get angry and take to the streets protesting i think. and people indeed take to the streets this is a meeting of organ donors and some whose lives have been saved by transplants a process now complicated by the like of medicine. i thank god and the donor who return me to life i had heart problems and now his heart beats in my chest and i'm again why but the problem is that my. many too many are still waiting surgery became extremely expensive and the number of donors decreased will they have enough time. iranian doctors find themselves facing a very hard to to ation having to decide who will get their medicine and who will not in desperation they wrote an s.o.s. letter to the u.n. chief they're still waiting for an answer brief interruption r.t. from iran. americans are preparing to tune into their president's big speech with
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the record to make his state of the union address in several hours from now is expected to focus on the economic recovery of the middle class ignoring crucial issues like secretive u.s. drone strikes and we'll be looking at what this could mean later in the program. also still to come the new hope outgoing pope benedict the sixteenth says he won't have a hand in the vatican's choice of success so with the catholic church at a crossroads following the surprise resignation announcement. well that's it for me for the robbery but the news two more for in about fifty minutes from now the meantime here's katie with all the latest business news for you know understand that peace is being made no more currency wars yet the war is indeed over apparently the group of seven nations the biggest economies in the world have come together and said that they don't want this intervening in the currency is in order to boost growth it doesn't help the global economy move forward so that's what
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we've heard today and of course we have the g. twenty meeting coming up in moscow with menaces this week's we're going to be talking about that all coming up in the business bulletin after the break thanks gary. you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm charged as a big picture. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all
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here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks to feel like people interview intriguing story. you . see arabic to find out more visit arabic t.v. dot com. welcome to business the g. seven have a few issued statements almost seems to be the dominating sophocles days the current sequels of the group of seven nations have vowed on altering gauge in the pushing down of the value of their cars is to create trade advantages boost exports are going to consult closely on exchange rates and said government's fiscal policies must not be directly at devaluing current says now the night is out just two days ahead of the g twenty summit in moscow this week so i've got to pull
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a cave ahead to give us all the details on this one that's i'm excited saying this topic the current seawalls. we've been talking about it for two three months now we had it all series well i'm expecting it to dominate the agenda this week here in moscow not fine as it is no no because the statements you were just speaking about is already adopted as very weak and some market alan is say that it will not have any implications at all and in fact the japanese yen for example that was most aggressively devalued over the past month has lost even more value on the back of this statement and i've spoken to russia's deputy finance minister an exam will save who told me that his overall skeptical about the whole concept of the currency wars let's listen to him. over some of the overdramatize this is not something that is going to result in the world to tell yourself over it so it's i think. the
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effectiveness of attempts by various countries to to defend their currencies i think that there will be an acquittal i case of current's is going to be the talking point what is what are they going to be talking about we're speaking about real problems there i talk stimulating economic growth will talk creating new jobs and the meeting is taking place in moscow because russia is set to chair this year's g. twenty summit the main one which will take place in september and russia's deputy finance minister alexander is if he told me about russia will raise some normal issues concerning investment and over this week. and the most important book in my being is going to be thought because on financing for investments and we understand that. it is the main challenge for today's world to generate enough investments to support growth and that's you know opinion is one of the very important reasons why
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growth has been so like luster in most of the countries in the world second of course we expect you. to new. concepts or for that measurement that level the. sort of the best interests on. the. face that problems and so on. ok turn here right. through as a lot of theory and talk yet assured me that they will start working real hard this week and by the time of the main summit in september they will come up with some real practical results that will affect ordinary people's lives like i was and more like ours with our logo the sound of our dhaliwal hopes they will certainly be given driver that hurts us from a positive yes exactly it kind of got me i'm interested ok thank you very much for that very informative ok let's move on then it's down to earth for russia sukhoi
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superjet one hundred thanks to the state aviation watchdog ross aviation have grounded four out of ten super jet planes in the air force fleet after a seeding a letter from the federal air transport agency reporting failures in the aircraft now have a sukhoi superjet said the root cause of these failures has been identified and eliminated. moving on the united states wants no beef with russia when it comes to meet the u.s. has urged russia to honor the accession to the w t o commitments and to immediately lift the ban on the import of us before russian authorities and force the bomb because of the alleged finding of the growth promoter mind it's a substance that is banded one hundred sixty countries because of the health risk it poses to the human race. right there let's check out some markets there now us
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you can see they did indeed rise again when they're testing resistance levels really as you can see stocks on the nasdaq that you can see the tech wasn't there nine basis points down that's because apple has face an investment conference also financials did rally as well though because last to contend with today because. you got president barack obama's state of the union address that he's expected to talk about outlining his plans to create jobs and growth for the middle class as such you can see it's a mix but they did largely gain as you can see for portends for the dow jones just that it's going to europe we can see it ended up the day in positive territory that was an overnight run in japan gave waivers i'm optimism while mining firms added pressure as well as metal prices dropping as well lots of meetings going on today e.c.b. president did r.v. meeting spain's prime minister mariano rajoy hoyer meanwhile european finance
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ministers they're in brussels right now as we go gaze as you can see a percent up for the footsie in london the russian ruble them it finished up the day managing to strengthen actually against the basket they can see the u.s. dollar and the euro let's check out the mechanism here in moscow and see what happened to the bosses here will be able to see you got it the r.t.s. it managed to gave three basis points from my slightly down of course are. moving on then. saying with russia russia is it rapidly increasing is a foreign debt the total foreign debt at the end of twenty two of the man to do six hundred twenty four billion dollars that breaks down to. every russian citizen but things are not quite as bad as they sound because the share of the corporate sector accounts to about ninety percent certainly in an average russian is not responsible for gas problems huge debts for the south stream gas pipeline
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project to southern europe all the billions of dollars ross has had to pay for b.p. for its buying of the share of team k.b. pay now in reality the average burden on each russian company just over four hundred dollars while ok let's put that into perspective then the u.s. foreign debt has ballooned to over five point five trillion dollars that's nearly eighteen thousand dollars for every american whether they're employed a retiree or a new born so americans are saddled with a government burden that is forty times bigger the war russians have to deal with all right then so valentine's day is indeed coming up and if you are yet to get your partner i guess then i might just as a rush is a diamond empire has dug deep and found a rock was a million dollars you can see it right there it weighs over one hundred forty five
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characters that it is indeed transparent but apparently if you look very closely you can see a yellow hue so very nice india and i was going on my less although i'd rather have a million dollars in shoes if i'm honest and that is it from me that is indeed the business of for today but some of you know it for marty bill is back with more news for you after this break. there is is trash to get rid of. but it's also
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a treasure. it's worth fighting for. and the trap was no way out. i never knew adam lanza in person but i was in the same high school as that and he was younger than me disability younger. i always thought he was different i always into something funny he rarely talks and you don't use a shy kid. i don't know anyone who is friends with him i also don't know of anyone who is particularly mean to the what i do know is that it was very clear that this person was not like everybody else. can imagine the level of mental illness that would be present to murder
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show. america's hero so when you go on this there would be an american behind every tree with a gun. for kids growing up in this environment is good for them at an early age to least see the gun and respect it because they need to know what kind of damage it can do. this. our first task as a society. keeping our children safe. this is how we will be judged. the. news continues now here in r.t. the u.k. is the top destination in europe for migrants recent figures show around six hundred thousand came to live in britain in one year alone it's a trend which worries many with democracy experts predicting white britons could be
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a minority within fifty years or he reports from london where they already. it's what britain is known for a vibrant multicultural society and it looks like u.k. babies are testimony to it in east london seventy seven percent of new mums weren't born in britain nicoletta is from romania two thousand and seven i have been here when my husband together so. i'm doing let it sit cine recently moved here from sri lanka and it is a big. deal but it's more dear he. has three children i was born in bangladesh to get. a good living standard of living so you prefer to live in your kid overseas between the years of two thousand and one and two thousand and eleven nearly four million immigrants came to the u.k.
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as part of an immigration boom under the former labor government at the time westminster said that britain needed working migrants to propel the economy this is tower hamlets in east london a third of the residents here a bangladeshi in fact they outnumber the white brits in this area by two thousand people so if you want to just say that they're baffled at just how quickly the number of indigenous brits has diminished over the past decade there are a lot of genuinely decent people who do have. even the labor party has discovered recently that the vast majority of people is right those who would. actually vote for the labor party have conserves and that's something that no government can ignore the leader of the opposition labor party recently admitted that his party got it wrong on immigration and. we were too quick to say.
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like it. the truth is the public were ahead of us in seeing some of the problems of migration because they were seeing in their own communities poll after poll shows that the people living here are worried about the speed and the size of the influx. for my opinion i don't think you. need more immigrants over the moment. critics say the government is too frightened to address what britain will look like in fifty years time it's going to look like. it's going to be a complete population. the indigenous population is shrinking anyway the younger generation and the younger generation is becoming increasingly radicalized and i think it's probably. twenty twenty five twenty possibly civil war demographers say that if immigration continues on
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a similar scale the white british population throughout the country will become a minority after twenty six six six but with less than half of londoners already describing themselves as white british some say that a quiet and irreversible revolution has already taken place in britain. at sea east london. barack obama is preparing for a big primetime speech on tuesday his first state of the union address since reelection his main focus will be domestic issues economic recovery gun laws and immigration foreign policy will not be in the spotlight despite controversy over many issues including secretive u.s. drone bombing campaigns human rights lawyer stanley cohen says that these targeted assassinations are actually. we're not at war in pakistan we're not it war in yemen we're not at war in lebannon we're not in war in somalia if you want to clear war if you want to follow international law if you want to make your case you play by
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the rules the fact of the matter is no matter what you call this it's murder it's assassination it's illegal we're talking about murdering civilians we're talking about attacks by drones in countries that are our allies if there were a person is there that we are want that are wanted american citizens yemenis citizens pakistani citizens somalis citizens for crimes here you go to the countries yeah extradite him you charge him you bring him to trial the united states under international law cannot must not enough to no stretch of the imagination is justified in the use of drones in the execution and the extrajudicial assassination of not just americans of anyone overseas for years we have charged people we have extradited people we've indicted people we've convicted many people charged with crimes of terrorism and it's worked before but this is an administration which is a namrud with clean murder with clean killing that's what president obama likes and
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now we're just trying to clean it up further. some of the news in brief with this in india at least eleven people are being killed off the police shot at tribal groups ongoing local elections in the tribesmen and women from the surrounding villages descended on polling stations armed with swords and it was rejected government rule and say it undermines the mills of their villages. the rights group reporters without borders has condemned the detention of french journalists by french troops and the money. it would take an filming an assault on the city and released only after the equipment and footage had been confiscated china say they have faced huge obstacles getting information from the woods on a monday with some and then civilian casualties it being covered up and france has been accused of only giving access to reporters traveling with its troops. you can check on our website for other stories from around the world and here's a quick glimpse at what we've got for you at the moment. britain is having to rich
3:48 pm
a new generation of hackers is short of t. experts to fight cyber attacks against it new report says it will take at least two decades to plug the gap mortality dot com for you. also racist amusement park claims you can find out how a white rabbit has led to disneyland facing allegations of bigotry all the details for you on that and other stories that r.t. dot com. my juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up
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a smart look. there is also. another word behind that which is how to influence these situations steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office and found banners hanging around the office and lots of strange faces around so i said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they want to do a confrontation possibly they wanted me to ring up the police to have the police come in through the mouth but it didn't seem to be a good idea to learn the european way with brussels business and in the crossing it's one person. unfold in the brussels business it's one euro one fault.
3:50 pm
if. the. pope benedict says he will not interfere in choosing his successor unexpectedly announcing his resignation on monday eighty five year old is to quit at the end of the month citing old age making him the first head of the catholic church to step down in nearly six centuries the director of the national secular society keith porter's wood says there must be more to the official explanation. i think the dark
3:51 pm
triangle side has been an absolute catastrophe for the church it's actually lost. its authority in many parts of the world when you say that you're going to. oppose politicians trying to bring in say same sex marriage laws and you invest or your authority on that and then you lose as if as effectively happened in those important catholic countries like spain portugal brazil. and about to happen indeed in england and scotland in france then you actually lose the your authority it's more than just losing the fight so that's been a catastrophe for the church and church attendance has declined it in amazing rate and i think the child abuse scandal has been something that pope benedict has never recovered from he's been involved in it personally through the c.d.f.
3:52 pm
prefecture for twenty five years and in fact he's brought more into the vatican and try to to cover it up more and more and more so i think his his papacy will be seen as a major setback and a very bad papacy for the church. well that's it for the moment to be about with a news team with more news for you in about eight minutes from now stay with us this is all t. life in the. wealthy british style site. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy
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with mike's cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kaiser report on our. my juggling job. do hack work and get caught when lobbyists money and lawmakers are combined together that's where the problem of corruption comes from. i don't know the document's. keep up a smart look. there is also. another world behind which is how to influence the institutions to steer clear of provocations don't answer any question. came into the office
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and found banners hung around the office and lots of strange faces around someone and said what's what's happening will somebody please tell me what's going on and they said oh we've come to occupy your building. possibly they wanted to come. to ring up the police. business. it's one person one. mission to teach.
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goodspeed. her. mum will. look. the bottom it's good. to see. her. just see. her dad come out and find him a little. it'll. be more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked
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change operations are the day. you'll be.


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